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Dental checkup Infants

Dental checkup – How often to the dentist?

Why are regular check-ups with the dentist important?

Most dental diseases, such as caries, can be detected early. Even if you have no pain or notice that something could be wrong. Therefore, even if you are free of complaints, you should have regular dental check-ups. Regular check-ups are not only useful for adults or teenagers, but also for small children. The aim of a check-up for children is primarily the early detection of caries, for example. The preventive check-up can also be used as a consultation regarding early oral hygiene. Newly erupted teeth are considered to be particularly susceptible to caries – measures such as: Fissure sealing or, if necessary, fluoridation of the teeth should take place. It is advisable to visit the dentist with children at least twice a year. Depending on the individual case, the dentist can also order shorter examination intervals. It is important that you show your child at an early age that dental hygiene and regular check-ups are important. Prepare your child for a visit to the dentist gently and without fear.

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